Why PPR?

➢  The capacity for projects of various sizes, tailored to your specific needs and requirements and freeing you from needing a dedicated full-time resource.

➢  A unique perspective, drawing on over 10 years’ experience in policy analysis for a diverse range of international clients.

➢  Clear, concise and objective analysis that provides you with the most thorough evidence to inform decision-making.

➢  A pro bono project for new clients to demonstrate the quality of the service and the confidence you can have in the product.

➢  An exclusive focus on philanthropic organizations, with an understanding of the distinct challenges facing the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors.

➢  Clarity and honesty about what PPR can and cannot provide - the best interests of the client come first.

➢  A friendly, personable and professional approach, and the ambition to make solving your challenges as straightforward and pleasant as possible!

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