Providing nonprofits, foundations and social causes with affordable, specialist research services to inform strategy, recommend policy, assess new funding avenues and alleviate risk

Communicate »

   · Implement best practice social media strategies

· Use data to better demonstrate your impact to supporters

· Influence legislators to support your mission

Improve Programs »

· Incorporate Theory of Change to maximize the social impact of programming

· Manage volunteers and best embrace their benefits

· Get up-to-date with the latest best practice and innovations in your sector

Get Funding »

· Understand innovative funding models

· Assess foundation grant prospects

· Use social media to reach new audiences and givers

Strengthen Governance »

· Improve the diversity of your workforce and perspectives

· Revise risk and information management policies to avoid disruption

· Evaluate your business model and advise on optimal alternatives

· Find nonprofits to fund aligned with your mission

· Provide due diligence and insight into potential partners

· Sift grant applicants and support at busy periods

Fund Causes »
Future Proof »

· Assess new innovations and technology in the nonprofit sector

· Understand and comply with upcoming state and federal legislation

· Access the latest policy consensus in your sector

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